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24\7 Videos Alerts

Get alerts on every new view, comment, likes & dislikes

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You can customize your alerts for every YouTube video.

Fast and Powerful

Using Telegram app on mobile, desktop and tablets

Perfect for Every YouTuber

If you have YouTube videos - you will benefit from this tool!

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The Bot Will Set You Free

lior nitzan - owner and creator

Lior Nitzan

Owner & Creator

Get in Touch

Hi! I'm Lior from Tel Aviv, (34)
A tech enthusiastic with many years of hands-on experience.
I love new technologies, now i'm addicted to Bots and IoT gadgets.

This little project began when I needed to know how my YouTube views are doing and got tired of opening YouTube apps and browsing through every videos every time for that.
So I've created a Bot that alerts me every X new views, comments, likes and dislikes.

Now I made this tool available online for everyone!
You can buy a plan to support me and be a super cool person
Or subscribe for free, invite friends with your personal link and gain more and more free URLs as you go (without paying nothing).

Anyway, Please feel free to suggest, ask or just chat,

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Activate Your Bot!

It's not enough to subscribe, you need to activate at least 1 bot (Telegram or Messenger) In order for us to be able to sent the actual views etc' alerts :)

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